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Custom .45 ACP Pistols for Dick Anthony Heller

These pistols are to be presented to Mr. Heller in honor of his Supreme Court Victory in regards to the D. C. Handgun Ban and its dismissal.

Shot Show has come and here are a few shots of the display case in the NRA booth.  There are pictures of the presentation, the booth, and the drawing in which Omega - 1 (screen name at was determined the winner of the 3rd gun.

The Project is Done!!!

As of January 9th, the Heller project has been completed.  As many of you have been patiently waiting to see the results of the efforts of my shop and the people helping to bring you the final product for the presentation, I give you these following pictures....

 This project could not have happened without the help of Carver Custom Millwork, Don Llewellyn, Best Upholstery, Acme Sign, Crown Trophy, Innovative Machine, and more.  Many thanks go out to all that helped me get these pistols, cases, and knives done in a short time.  A huge "Thank You" goes out to John Dixon for organizing the event and most importantly, the Team Members of for the donations to make this possible.  My hat is off to all of you that donated for this project - it couldn't have happened without your help and support.


Robert Miller

Miller Custom

Here are the guns as I was finally finishing up the polishing and getting them prepped for bluing.  Keep in mind they are a bit dirty from the polishing compound dusting up and getting all over everything.  These guns took me 2 days to do the blasting and polishing.  I started out by flat plate polishing with 400, then 800, then 1000, then 1500 grit sandpaper on a granite inspection plate.  I followed up with black 555 polish to get a good sheen and then the white 555 to do the final polishing.  These pictures were literally taken at 3am on December 31st so I could get them to Fed Ex and off for bluing at Glenrock Blue.

Options that are currently finished on the guns as of - 10/27/08:

 Diamond Checkering, Flat Topped and Serrated, Lowered and Flared Ejection Port, Novak Sight Cut, Front Sight Blank, Kart Barrels Fitted - throated - head spaced, Smith and Alexander Grip Safeties Fitted and Blended, Frame and Slides Fit along with recoil systems installed. 

The Display Cases are laid out and the tracing of the pistols for the recess in the case has been done.  The Knife blanks arrived and I'll be marking them with the serial numbers and an Bolt Face Logo as well (granting there is enough space for a tasteful engraving).

Here are a few pictures of the Slides and Beavertails

Here are a few pictures of the Frames and all the Parts that will eventually become the pistols.

Here are some pictures of the pistols as of November 9th, 2008

Here is Heller's gun just about ready for engraving.  The last 3 pictures are of the insert that will be cradling the pistol, knife, and magazine for the display case.  We will be using crushed Blue Velvet for the finished boxes, the grips for the knives will be Mahogany, and I'm going to try making the grips myself of the same wood.  I should have the guns finished by the end of the year leaving 2 weeks before presentation.

I'm making a set of grips for the pistols out of the same Mahogany that the boxes and the knife handles are were cut from.  The frame pictured is one of the extra frames I have for the guns number 4, 5, and 6 that are for sale.  I should have pictures of the finished panels, knives and boxes by the end of the week or durring the weekend.  One thing is for sure, they all have to be done by Monday afternoon because I leave for Florida on Tuesday the 13th.