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7/14/09   I am working on a new logo to make Static Stickers for placement on safes or car windows.  Here is a first sketch with Microsoft Paint that I'm thinking about revising.  I would like to call onto my customers and/or future customers - or people that just have an interest in helping a fellow man out.  I'll be glad to make up a few stickers and shirts to reflect the image that anyone makes for me if I use it for a shop logo.
What do you all think about this?  (keep in mind it's a start and not a final idea)

/17/09   I was just visited by the ATF and they did a check of my books and my legal requirements as an FFL.  Everything is good and I was complimented on my book keeping and my organization in the shop.  I have a few issues that I need to make people aware of as a Class 7 FFL.  First of all, as explained to me by my investigating agent, if I manufacture a pistol from a supplied or purchased frame by any manufacturer, I am required to mark the gun with my shop logo.  Unless I apply for a variance that assumes the original manufacturer as the manufacturer, I have to mark them with my shop name.  For example, if I buy a frame from Les Baer and build a custom pistol on that frame, I have to mark the pistol somewhere on the gun to show it was my shop that manufactured the functional firearm.  I also was informed of the many different aspects of working and smithing these guns that signify "manufacturing" on them.  Caliber conversions or significant cuts that alter the appearance or function of the firearm fall under the term "manufacturing.  I will be offering the service of marking the pistols under the grip panel to make the pistol look "clean" of stamps and logos.  This will be under special request to do so.  I will be making the marking of the dust cover a standard on all applicable guns.

I also inquired about shipping of pistols and what necessitates next day shipping.  A functional firearm that is considered a pistol or short barreled rifle must be shipped next day air and have a signature required.  A frame, though considered the firearm, does NOT have to be shipped next day air.  Unfortunately, Common Carrier can only be used for shipping of a pistol or a frame (because the frame is the firearm).  USPS does not accept shipping of a handgun, and Common Carriers have a policy that all handguns are shipped next day service.  PLEASE DON'T SHIP ME A FRAME WITH USPS and make sure you declare the frame as a firearm!  My agent pointed me to the FAQ section of the Federal Firearms Regulations Reference Guide for the answers to many of my questions I had for her today. 

I also was made aware of my book that I use for my repair and service logbook is ok, but not exactly what I need to use for my records.  I'm not in any trouble, but I was strongly suggested to stop using that book and start using something that they would prefer seeing me use.  I am using a green book from Brownells item number 108-010-001.  It does have the sufficient registration of the necessary information needed to keep an accurate log, but doesn't quite fit the format they are used to.  I only bring this up because she cautioned that there are many ways to keep track of the books as required by the BATFE, but doing so in a mannor that is what they are used to or confirmed by the BATFE can make audits and investigations much easier and less confusing.  If you are an FFL and have any questions, look into your Reference Guide or call your agent.  I didn't get into any trouble, but she showed me a few examples of what she would like to see me using and I have to agree, a different book would be much easier and less log in and log out writing.

6/13/07  It's been a while since I posted a "What's New" update.  I've been finished with school for the last few weeks.  I have taken up my full time status at the machine shop where I work part time for the summer.  I work a full day and then go to work on my bench for the remainder of the day and during the weekends.  Needless to say, I'm one busy guy these days.  I've finished up a few more pistols and have sent them to their owners, and have a few more that I'm finishing up soon.  I'll have pictures to share on the "My Work" page.  Keep checking back for more pictures and updates.

4/23/07  I have collaborated with the Checkering Shop and we have written a diamond point serration program for frontstrap applications.  The pattern is 20 LPI and written for high cut frontstraps.  Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures to show just yet, but will post them after this weekend to come.

4/23/07  Finals are right around the corner, and though I travel home every weekend to work on the pistols, I will not be going home after this weekend to come.  I need to devote my time in preparation of my tests and will be meeting with fellow students and study groups.  This will cause a bit longer delay on the jobs that are in house, but school trumps the pistols for now.  Once the semester is over, I will be able to work on the pistols all week and catch up with the work in house.

Thanks for your support.


2/6/07  Wait times, they have gone up.  First I'd like to take a moment and say thanks to everyone for your support and business.  Fortunately, many of you have decided to send me your pistols for various degrees of work, and I thank you.  Unfortunately for anyone else that plans on sending any work in, my wait time has gone up by a couple months.  This puts me at 4 to possibly 6 months pending on the service and work desired.  I'm back at school, and with a 16 semester hour load, I'm thoroughly busy.  I am still traveling home on the weekends to try and keep up with work, but the load is starting to get bigger, and thus taking longer to accomplish.  I have been waiting on barrels to show up, they did, and now I have a good amount of hand work to finish on a few and prep work for finishing on a few more.

1/15/07  It's been long overdue, but Miller Custom is now a Lifetime member of the NRA.  Thanks to the NRA for their continued support of our Second Amendment rights and the continued fight for our rights.  A link has been added to the site for more information on the NRA.

12/27/06  After completing a Para rebuild and upgrade, I drove to RB Precision for delivery of the pistol to it's owner - UFC Heavyweight Champion of the World - Tim "The Main-iac" Sylvia. 


12/2/06  I just received pictures of the Springfield Armory Mil-Spec I upgraded for a customer in Las Vegas.  It features a Kart NM barrel and bushing, Chip McCormick beavertail, 10-8 sights and other small parts, and some added features like ball cuts and borders.  He had me add cocking serrations onto the front and another beautiful machine checker with a phosphate finish.

9/29/06  Finished the Caspian Titanium bobtail.  Kart barrel and bushing, Heinie rear sight, Doug K. hammer and sear.  Finished off in Hard Chrome and Teflon.  The Teflon application is not Black T, but rather an alternative finish offered at my blue shop.  The customer is a Lefty so we went with the Ambi mag release from Cylinder and Slide and an ambi thumb safety by Ed Brown.


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