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Miller Custom proudly supports the men and women who work hard for this country, here and abroad. In such appreciation, I will be offering 15% off all labor on any rebuilds or custom builds for any Veteran or Law Enforcement officer. We support our men and women in the field risking everything for our freedoms and security of this nation.

I do have one request, a favor so to speak if possible.  A couple officers that have sent in work, sent their pistols or deposits with a patch from their department or unit.  I've decided to start a display case to hang on my shop wall.  If you can, and you have a patch from your unit, department, or station - and you can part with it, if you could sign the back and send it with the pistol or deposit- I think it would be a great addition to the display in my shop.  If you don't have one, or you can't spare one, this request may be ignored.  I believe after a while, it may be a nice addition to the shop and an accurate description of my customer base and where you guys and gals are from, and what departments your duties are performed at.

Thank you,


At Miller Custom, I spend hours on end working on each pistol on an individual basis.  I try to devote my attention to one pistol at a time, and only group them together when applying finishes or setups on the machine.  In all of my efforts, I pride myself on my attention to detail and making each pistol the best I can possibly do - not only visually appealing, but function and reliability are at the top of my list as well.

In the interest of my time spent on making each pistol a work of art, I am asking that all orders sent to my shop be sent in a pistol case - hard or soft (hard being preferred).  It would be heartbreaking and frustrating not only on my end, but the recipient's end if it were scratched or marred due to the rough handling of shipping companies.  If you don't have a good case to send it in, and you would like to wrap it up and send it in, that's fine, but I will buy a cheap case and charge it to the build or refinish before I ship it back.  I believe Gander Mountain or other retail stores stock plastic cases for as little as $10. 

This is a personal request and I hope this doesn't cause any inconvenience, but in an effort to insure the safe delivery of your custom pistol, it is worth it.



Robert Miller - Owner


Local Firearm Transfers $20 per transfer ($5 for each additional firearm)


Often I receive jobs in this shop that I feel obligated to go above and beyond the expectations of the customer.  Of course every pistol I work on receives the best attention to detail that I can possibly supply for my services, but never do I allow the mindset that something is "good enough."  With that, I feel that if my name is going to be associated with the build or rebuild of a particular firearm, I find it necessary to take the additional steps to make the firearm the best I can possibly produce.  This involves welding and reworking areas that the customer is not expecting or have ordered.  Below are a few examples of this work.


Colt Pistol with GI Grip Safety

This pistol is an example of and unsightly gap that needed to be fixed where the beavertail meets the tangs on the frame.  There are some before shots to show the gap and the after shots after welding and dressing the frame back out.  These shots are prior to blending and finishing, I'll have the pictures up of the completed gun once it is back from finishing.



Cocking Serrations

This pistol had some uneven leading edges of the cocking serrations so I cleaned them back up with a file.  This is the slide to the grip safety repair shown above.  The cocking serrations just weren't satisfactory so I took the time to rework them to satisfy my own expectations for the project.


A little information on my Front Sight installation.

At Miller Custom, I cut my fixed sights a special way, and many of my customers agree it is worth the extra effort I put in them. I mill and install the rear sight and my dovetail blank front sight - which is way too tall. I then shoot the gun from a Ransom Rest to determine point of aim, point of impact and mark the sight where it needs to be cut down to. I then trim it, profile it, and serrate it, white dot it, or drill it for tritium inserting (when applicable). When I shoot the pistol out of the rest, I set up a target at a customer designated distance. For example, most of my customers request it sighted in at 25 yards. I set up a target, shoot it as mentioned above, and sight it in per their request. If you like a 6 o'clock hold, I tune it for such. If you like POA/POI on center/center, that's what you get. It makes my pistols dead on, right out of the box. This makes the guns which I am commissioned to do sight work on very accurate with little compensation by the shooter.

Serrations - rear of the slide 40 or 50 LPI

I always encourage customers to fit a secondary extractor to the pistols I add serrations to.  This, in my opinion is a good idea to ensure that you have a properly fit and blended extractor should the first break.  It is near impossible to fit another extractor and have the lines match without refinishing the slide in the process.  I strongly suggest putting a second extractor in a pistol with rear slide serrations.  This will insure you have a properly fit extractor as a spare.  An extra extractor fitted will be engraved with the serial number of the pistol for customer's records.  You only need to pay for the additional part.  Fitting and serrating of the secondary extractor are included with the cost of the serrations on the rear of the slide.

Why Miller Custom?

I won't tell you what is wrong with the other guys work, I'll take the time to explain why mine is right for you.




Payment Terms: Miller Custom accepts the following forms of payment for orders. Bank Checks, money orders, and personal checks. A 50% initial payment is due at the inception of the project. Prior to final finishing, an invoice will be sent for the balance due. The firearm will be completed once payment is received and funds are deposited to our account. Failure to pay the final invoice within 90 days will result in the cancellation of the project and Miller Custom will sell the firearm to recover costs.  If there are circumstances that come up, I am willing to work with any customer, but if no contact is made or effort to pay the balance, over the period of 90 days, I will assume the pistol to be abandoned and the deposit will then be forfeit by the customer.