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All Testimonials are taken straight from the emails or letters and pasted onto the page.  I don't change any words or content other than grammatical or spelling errors without the permission of the customer first.  All Testimonials are actual customer accounts of dealings with me and the content of my shop.

Robert Miller - Owner


  As discussed, here is my quick write up on the SA build you did for me:


I am ecstatic about the work Miller Custom performed on my Springfield Armory 1911.  It looks phenominal, but more importantly is a 100% reliable and accurate shooter.  The fit and finish, attention to detail, and overall quality of parts used is tremendous.  Mr. Miller provided his expert advice and made the entire experience a pleasure from start to finish.  I use it for IDPA, TSA as well as CCW, which speaks volumes of my trust in this well executed weapon.  My hat is off to Miller Custom!

The Springfield GI base gun Bob built for me is by far the finest gun I have owned, and I've owned a sampling from EVERY limited production maker (Baer, Brown, SA Custom shop, NightHawk, Rock River Arms, Wilson Combat, S&W Per. Center) and a couple from big name custom 1911 smiths.

On to the gun, the attention to detail is meticulous. Every machining request was performed to my exacting requirements. The checkering is perfect, the blending is perfect and the gun is very accurate, soft shooting, and good looking to boot. I now have an extractor template (as well as some other part templates) to work off of for the work I do on 1911's from time to time for friends and co-workers. Detail stripping the gun has allowed me to see what needs to be done internally to make the 1911 the most reliable/ effective handgun platform ever designed. The trigger is like the rest of the gun exactly to my specs, my idea of the perfect 1911 trigger.   

Bob is friendly, down to earth, and a customer first custom 1911 builder. As impressed as I was with Bob's abilities as a custom 1911 smith I was as or maybe even more impressed with Bob Miller the person. Bob's customer service and approach to involving the customer along the build process is the ultimate. Having had everything from full house guns to small jobs done in the past by other smiths, without hesitation I can say none of the other smiths even came close to the care, concern, or professionalism Bob possesses.

Thanks and Take Care,

Rich Thompson

Ohio LEO 


Hello Bob,
Hope you are well and finding some time for hunting/fishing between studies and gun building.
I wanted to drop you a line to tell you how impressed I am with your Ti custom project I saw
on the LTW site. I don't know where to begin discussing the level of innovation and execution
demonstrated with this project. Everything is just top notch. Your work is beginning to take on
the appearance of the product of a much older more grizzled 1911builder.
I wanted to encourage you to continue putting your work out there for others to enjoy. I am proud of what your are accomplishing and I do not even own one of your
1911s, yet.
Steve S.

It just so happens that Bob lives about 4 blocks from me while attending school at Bradley University.   I met Bob last year at an AR15.com get together with other Illinois HTF members.  After Bob scared the neighborhood with a show-and-tell at the cookout (he brought a bunch of show guns), I decided I wanted Bob to work some magic on my Stainless Springfield GI 1911. He warned me that he couldn’t work miracles, but that he would do his best to may me happy with the end product.  I wasn’t really sure what I wanted done, but I did know I wanted him to un-pimp my 1911. I love the pistol but felt like a New Orleans Pimp with the polished SS 1911. I recognized that I am not a gunsmith so I gave Bob Carte Blanche to look the gun over and make some recommendations.  I pretty much gave him an open project, with an agreement that he wouldn’t tell my wife how much it cost. Fast forward several months.  Bob made it back to school for the fall semester, and he called me to let me know the project was complete. All I can say is that I was amazed that the gun he brought back to me was the same gun. 
Upgrades Bob made:
-Removed all hard chromed factory parts and replaced them with quality barstock parts
-Action Job
-New Dovetail front sight with Tritium insert
-Front Strap Treatment
-Beveled Mag Well
-Main Spring Housing
-Cleaned up lines on the slide and frame
-Bead Blasted the frame and slide for matte finish
-Reliability tune
I cannot say enough about Bob’s quality of work, integrity, or commitment to service.  Not only is Bob a professional dedicated to quality and integrity, he is now a friend, drinking buddy, welcomed in my home anytime. 
Thanks Bob!

After seeing some pictures of Robert Miller’s skillful work on several Internet forums, I contacted him about working on a pistol.  I had, at that time, just recently purchased a Rock Island Tactical 1911 that was to be my “knock-around” gun.  My idea was to utilize the less-expensive pistol as a hard use shooter for training classes, USPSA and IDPA competition and general all around use.

I’ve been an aficionado of the 1911 pistol for several years and have a number of pistols that have been modified or customized by some of the “big boys” in the industry.  I also own some higher end pistols from Springfield Custom, Wilson Combat and Les Baer.    While I do own other 1911’s, most are too valuable for me to want to scratch, abuse, bleed on and otherwise tear up.  That was why I decided to go with a less expensive base gun.

I sent the pistol and parts I wanted installed to Mr. Miller with a list of what I wanted done.  Basically I asked him to gut the Rock Island and rebuild it with good quality parts.  I also asked him to perform some cosmetic items such as cutting serrations to the back and top of the slide. 

Robert was great about staying in contact with me all the way through the build process.  He never did criticize my choice of pistol or parts nor did he try to talk me into performing expensive modifications or work that I had not asked him to do.  He was always pleasant on the phone or in his e-mails and always returned calls and e-mails promptly.

When I got the gun back, I couldn’t believe my eyes!  The pistol is now a completely different handgun and, if it wasn’t for the serial number, I’d swear it’s another pistol entirely!  It’s now very difficult for me to view this pistol as a “knock-around.”  It’s almost too pretty to shoot.  Almost! 

Nicely done, Mr. Miller!


Andrew in Arizona 


Robert Miller, Pistolsmith

Miller Custom, Geneseo, Illinois


            I have worked with Mr. Miller on five custom 1911 projects, from the basic tune-up and refinish job to the complete full house project, from 9mm to 45acp calibers. There was never a time during the process that Mr. Miller did not keep me informed of the statuses of my various projects, nor make the utmost efforts to get a complete understanding of what I desired in my finished product. His professionalism in dealing with delays related to outside venders is commendable, and his honesty in relaying this information is a rare and valued quality in today’s world.

These intangible assets lend themselves well to a successful business model, and Mr. Miller adds years of experience in the custom 1911 arena to make his finished products true works of art. His pricing scale is very fair, and combined with his support of the Law Enforcement Community and U.S. Service Members, yields a true bargain in the custom 1911 market. Robert’s concern for the customer made me feel very comfortable in entrusting him with the many thousands of dollars these projects required.

The true test of “worth” is in the finished product. I can say, without hesitation that holding my first custom from Robert was a truly enjoyable experience. His attention to detail was apparent from a distance, and it stands up under microscopic examination as well, by exhibiting perfectly straight lines blending into exquisitely contoured curves and angles. Upon doing some range work, the pistols continue to perform as expected, with smooth feeding and very commendable accuracy.

My ultimate testimonial for Miller Custom is that I wear my 9mm 1911 both on the job and off. I could pick any handgun I want, but performance wise, none stand up to my Robert Miller built1911. 


                                                                                    Dan Paz

I can recommend Robert Miller wholeheartedly as an outstanding gunsmith. Bob fitted barrel, safeties, trigger group, sights, checkered front strap 30 LPI, flat toped/serrated the slide and polished flats beautifully on Colt XSE. He improved/straightened the lines on the slide and beveled entire pistol artistically. All of this was done in just a few months with almost no waiting time, and his prices are modest. Bob provided ransom rest test targets at 50 yards with the pistol. Communication with Bob has been excellent and very cordial throughout the process. Bob is surely a talented gunsmith and both my son and I look forward to working with him on our pistols for years to come.


  Bob, I received my Rock River Basic Limited Match back today, and as expected, I am very pleased with all the upgrades completed on this pistol.  The attention to detail is what makes this pistol stand out

Thanks again for another fine pistol.  Keep up the good work.



    I received my Caspian titanium ground up build today. Couldn't be more happier with it. I knew it was going to be a nice pistol from the start but after receiving it, it is about as nice as anyone could hope for. Fit, finish and feel of the entire pistol is top notch. Sure it may not have all the bells , whistles and flash of other custom pistols but it is everything I asked for.  "PURE AND SIMPLE" is the way I like them. You know all the intimate details of this pistol so I wont go into detail. I Look forward to sending you a titanium commander frame to build somewhat of a twin to this bobtail government.

Thanks for this exceptionally fine pistol.



     You work on my Springfield was second to none. Attention to detail on modifications were first rate.  Reliability and accuracy exceed my expectations!
Modifications include (better pictures to follow soon)
-Flat top slide with serrations
-Cut Bomar and install rear sights
-Dovetail and install front sight
-Checker front strap
-Install Kart barrel, Hammer, Trigger, extended mag release, extended slide stop
-Serrate rear of slide
-Fit beavertail
-Complete polish and blast matte areas
I am sure I am missing many upgrades
Robert Stanfield
RB Precision Inc.  

     I met Bob over the phone about 4 years ago when he was at RRA. I was having difficulty with a frame fitting issue and it was Bob who stepped up and resolved the issue which was not his fault (turned out to be a defective frame). I was so impressed with how Bob handled the situation that I decided to step up and order a custom RRA 1911 that he would build. Bob and I worked out the details over the phone, I placed the order, and he proceeded to build it.
     When it arrived I was thoroughly impressed by the workmanship and quality of the gun. It shoots like a dream and is one of the finest 1911's I own. Bob and I stayed in touch over the next few years and it was not until the 2006 Shot Show that we finally got a chance to meet face to face. During this time Bob decided leave RRA to return to school for an engineering degree. I applauded him on this decision and continually told him that he could probably help put himself though school doing a little smithing on the side and that I would love to be his 1st customer. We joked about it for a long while before he finally decided to get his FFL and dive in.


     I already had one gun that he had built from the ground up so I was very familiar with his attention to detail and skill level. At the time of this writing, not including the custom RRA he built for me, I have commissioned Bob to "overhaul" 3 Kimbers (more on those in a bit), and a Colt .45,  a complete build for 2 matching Colt Deltas (one Blue and one SS) as well as building a full house custom Commander .45. In total Bob has worked on 7 of my 1911's. That should give you a sense of the level of confidence I have in Bob as a person and in his work. I trust him explicitly as he currently has about 10-11K worth of my 1911's and I sleep like a baby each night knowing they are in capable hands.
     I have hesitated to write about my experience with Bob as I know that once others "discover" his talent he will have more business than he knows what to do with. However, it would not be right to keep such a great find to myself. He is one of the most honest, humble and hardworking individuals I have ever known and he truly wants each gun he builds to be the absolutely finest.
The Kimber triplets:
     I sent Bob 3 Kimber .45's two of which had had some minor work (fire control parts and barrels) done by a previous smith but I wanted them thoroughly gone through and dressed up a bit. They all had the basic Kimber bead blast finish and were nothing special to look at. I sent them to Bob to go through them mechanically and then dress them up. What I got back blew me away and exceeded my expectations. Bob added a gorgeous "American border" polished the ramp and throat to a mirror polish, checkered the front straps with a "raised pad", then straightened all the lines (especially those around the trigger guard), serrated the rear of the slide and then finished them off with gorgeous polished flats and a complementing bead blast finish on non flats. The polish job was perfect! The 3rd Kimber required a ground up build. He replaced and expertly fit everything except the barrel and recoil system which were left stock. This is what they should have looked liked from the factory! One of the things I enjoyed most about working with Bob is that he is very conscientious about providing build updates through the whole process and I can personally assure you that you will you will always look back with pride and pleasure at any thing Bob builds for you.

Kimber Before

Kimbers After

     Originally all I wanted Bob to do was parkerize my Armscor 1911, due to the fact that it is not a show pistol, but sees dirt, grime, and sweat almost every day.  The factory bluing had worn off of the front strap, and other places as well. 

     When I received my pistol back from him, I was in awe, in addition to a FLAWLESS parkerizing, he also had smoothed out some of the lines on the pistol, installed a new mainspring housing with lanyard loop and 30LPI checkering, serrated the front sight, installed new stainless steel pins, re-ground the factory sear, which eliminated the slack, and now breaks cleanly.  There are so many things that he put so much effort into, that I didn't even ask of him, but made the pistol come out a hundred times better.

All in all I have to say that every time I pick up my 1911, I am just dumbfounded by the great work that Miller Custom does.

 Austin Grant



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