Frontstrap Options

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20, 25, 30, and 40 LPI MACHINE CHECKERING

This checkering can also be done on S&A mag guides, arched or flat.

All machine checkering is done on a 4th Axis CNC machine and checked with a loupe for consistency and proper execution of the checkering.  If there are any issues with the depth or pointing of the pattern after removing it from the CNC, the front strap will be followed by a single point file to ensure the pattern is consistent and even.


Hand checkering is a process that I also offer.  If requested by the customer to be hand checkered, I will start with a checkering file of any specified LPI and complete the process 100% by hand.  After the initial pattern is cut on the front strap, I then follow up my work with a single point file and a jar of dye-chem while using my radial arm magnifying glass and a loupe to oversee my work.  This requires additional pricing.

This checkering can also be done on S&A mag guides, arched and flat.






Before any commitments are made for checkering, the frame must first be measured and inspected.

If the frames doesn't appear to have enough thickness for checkering to be applied, I will offer suggestions on alternative checkering and discuss it with you before any work on the pistol is completed.