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This is the most current list of finishes I offer.  Pricing is upon request.



Hard Chrome

Black T - Birdsong



Manganese Phosphate

 Robar Industries

Nickel Plating - Currently Unavailable

Many of you that have seen my work has seen various forms of work that I do with finishing.  All preparation of the firearm being finished is included with the price.  This includes dehorning, bead blasting and polishing when applicable.  Any currently assembled pistol sent for refinishing will be fitted with a new plunger tube which is also included in pricing of the finish.  I refuse to re-stake or use old plunger tubes on any pistol I rework or refinish.  This only benefits the user and reliability of the pistol.


Stainless work can be completed in either a satin blast or a brushed polish flat with matte rounds adding a beautiful contrast to the appearance of the pistol.


As many have seen on this website, bluing can be done in a high polish, which makes an absolutely stunning application of the bluing.  It should be noted that high polishing is a very long and detailed process and may not be applicable on every firearm.  It is for this reason that I will only accept high polishing work after the pistol is first inspected before committing to the finish.